Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Unfortunate Incident...

With the dress for the wedding. Oh the disappointment you feel when something you worked hard on turns out so poorly. And the chagrin when it happens so publicly.

I knew from the very beginning that there was going to be trouble, but no idea how much. This sari fabric I bought at Joanns was going to be trouble. The non-selvedged edge seemed to shred itself at the merest touch. Never before was I so happy to have a serger. The pattern gave me a lot of fit problems, the bust was too small and the rest too big. But I finished the day of the wedding I intended to wear the dress to so I had no time to go back and fix them. I tied a ribbon around my waist to give it some semblance of shape and hoped for the best.

The wedding was gorgeous and I had a great time connecting with old friends from college. I also had a great time dancing. Perhaps the open bar made this activity a bit too enthusiastic on my part for the delicate fabric. Near the end of the evening, I notice a bit of a breeze. The bodice had separated from the skirt at the empire waistline. I appreciated very much the scarf.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Twice as fun

I made up two toddler dresses for the twins in some fun, summery Tutti Frutti fabric in complementing colorways recently. I used Simplicity 3512 View F to avoid having to use the gathering foot from hell (much needle breakage usually incurred). The dresses were a big hit with both Mamma and girls.

Easy to run around in...
Pockets make everthing nice.