Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Infamous Twin Contest

My nieces were going to be in the twin contest at the county fair last month. We knew this for months. My sister asked me to make them very special dresses for their entry and I agreed. We went to the local Joanns to pick out fabric. I was pulling for something with a farm theme, for instance chickens. My sister was resistant to my brilliant stunt dress idea. After a tiny bit of bickering, we decided on a white cotton with a navy floral print. I duly made the dresses up in McCalls 5033. Making the exact same dress twice is a tiny bit boring the second time, though I do admit I worked out some issues with the first one. The issues were mostly due to my inability to read and understand the pretty simple directions for the shoulder seem.

The day of the fair came, I bought my ticket and went to the building the kids contests were being held in. No sister, no twins. Growing a bit anxious, I paced a bit in the back. They announced the twin contest. There were only two sets of entries. After they had started accross the stage my sister showed up with the cutest twins in the county. Alas, she was too late to enter, but the twins didn't care!

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